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Controls Central has access to millions of parts that are in stock and ready to ship.

Finding Alternatives That Work!


The Controls Central customer experience team has shared with you how they provide the best possible customer experience even during challenging times thanks to the millions of parts it has access to that are in stock and ready to ship. 

This week, we continue sharing what we learned, and we will share other things that the team does to ensure that each customer has a great experience when they stop by Controls Central.  

Our relationship with manufacturers allows us to access compatibility charts and other information to help our customers find an alternate part or a suitable replacement if the one they want is not available right away. 

The team can do that in real-time, and if more time is needed, we do our best to get to our customers in as little time as possible.  

Most of our customers don't have time to look for alternatives or have the information.  

We usually have at least one option for them regardless of their needs. 

"When a customer calls or texts us, that means they need help with something; if they are looking for a part that is not in stock, that can be very frustrating for anyone. We make sure that we provide them with the fastest response so that they can decide as to how they will manage the project or service they need to take care of."

Said Jessi R, customer experience specialist at Controls Central. 

"We want our customers to remember that we can help them out when they most need it."

Said Dominic Porte, product manager, Controls Central

We take pride in ensuring our customers have a great experience when they shop at Controls Central. So, in addition to working with our manufacturing and distribution partners to obtain all product data and information, we also can access compatibility charts and data that allow us to share options with our customers.  

Our team is here for you - We've Got You! 

What are customers are saying about our team:

Good Help!
"They even help me to look for the right part, even i did not had the part number."


Good Service!
"I had ordered a part that was discontinued. Other sellers just told me it was discontinued. Controls Central found an after market part to use a a substitute. Thanks!"

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Controls Central’s US-based team is always on the lookout for its customers.

Getting the parts you need fast is easy at Controls Central!

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We are the online retailer that has access to thousands of parts from hundreds of manufacturers and distributors.

So when you tell us you cannot find a specific part or product, we have many ways we can help you find exactly what you need. Our brands are as diverse as our product lines, so whether you are looking for an actuator from Belimo or a valve from Schneider Electric, or Siral, we’ve got options for you. 


Enabling heating and cooling with a single-coil while reducing wiring and simplifying control with a single actuator.

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Enabling heating and cooling with a single-coil while reducing wiring and simplifying control with a single actuator.

Does Your X Fit My Y

Not sure what replacement part is for your unit? We Got You!

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Ensuring that the part you are ordering is compatible with the product or parts you are trying to fix is our priority. Our staff is equipped to respond to those types of questions. 

We know you do not have a minute to waste, so the next time that you need a part and are not sure where to get it from, we can check that for you! 

Honeywell Introduces an easy to use and install thermostat!

The new TC500 thermostat is Ideal for commercial applications such as retail, clinics, restaurants, hotels, schools, warehouses, and other commercial businesses.

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What makes it unique for contractors?  

It is easy to set up using set up wizard, and it comes with integrated energy-saving features with up to 3-stage heating and cooling of AHU, RTU and heat pump systems. It also meets all commercial needs and code requirements. 

Selling a Better Indoor Air Quality Experience

We have your back for Back to School - Send us your project and let us send you a bid

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As an HVAC technician, it’s a given that you will spend a great deal of time troubleshooting, servicing and maintaining residential and commercial HVAC systems. As this summer season gets going and the demand for excellent service from your customer increases, we have prepared for you a short "benefits" selling tips guide on how to provide a compelling selling message that your customers will relate with, especially as maintenance for "back-to-school" starts.


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