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    Zone valve actuators are vital components in the hydronics category of products, serving as electric or pneumatic devices that control the opening and closing of zone valves in heating and cooling systems. These actuators are responsible for regulating the flow of hot or chilled water to specific zones or areas, allowing for individual temperature control and zoning in buildings. Zone valve actuators play a crucial role in maintaining energy efficiency and comfort, as they enable precise temperature regulation in different areas, depending on the heating or cooling demands. These actuators find widespread applications in HVAC systems, radiant heating systems, underfloor heating, and other hydronic systems, providing reliable and responsive control for various zones in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

    Honeywell and Siral are reputable brands known for their expertise in manufacturing high-quality zone valve actuators. These brands offer a wide range of electric and pneumatic actuators, tailored to meet the diverse needs of hydronics professionals. With their precision engineering and commitment to quality, Honeywell and Siral's zone valve actuators are trusted for their durability and performance. For those seeking dependable zone valve actuators for their projects, is a reliable supplier that stocks a comprehensive selection from these reputable brands, providing a convenient and trusted platform to access the necessary components for efficient zone control in hydronic systems.

Siral FBV24 Siral Fail-Safe, On-Off, 24V Valve Actuator

Brand: Siral
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Siral Fail-Safe, On-Off, 24V Valve Actuator

Voltage AC24 VAC 50/60 Hz ± 20%
Voltage DC24 VDC ±10%
Transformer5 VA (Class 2)
Connection• Terminals, • Plenum rated cable 18 GA: 3 Ft.(1 m), 10 Ft. (3 m)
Runtime (Motor)95 seconds
Manual OverridePush-button
Rotation Angle95°, adjustable using Screwed tabs
Position IndicatorVisual
ProtectionNEMA 2 / IP42
Overload ProtectionElectronic overload protection
Consumption Running2.5 W
Consumption Holding1.3 W
Runtime (Spring)<75 sec @ -22°F to 122°F [-20°C to 50°C]
Rotation Direction (Motor)Direction Switch
Rotation Direction (Spring)Reversible with CW/CCW mounting
Noise Motor<40 dBA
Noise Spring<40 dBA
Product DetailsSiral USA Mechanical Fail-Safe, On-Off, 24V, Valve Actuator for use with 1/2" and 3/4" Siral Ball Valves

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