Electrical components are vital parts in HVAC systems that facilitate electrical operation and control. These components include relays, contactors, capacitors, transformers, circuit breakers, and wiring. They enable power distribution, phase monitoring, communication, ensuring the effectiveness of the heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment.  


    Controls Central offers a wide variety of electrical components and accessories for HVAC/R and Building Automation products. They stock major brands like Connect Air, Phoenix Contact, Devco, Hoffman Enclosures, Cutler Hammer, Ideal Tape, and Cooper Bussman. Whether you are building a panel or servicing HVAC equipment, Controls Central has all the components you need. 


    Key electrical components for HVAC and Building Automation systems include coils, conduit, connectors, disconnects, enclosures, fuses, indicator lights, pilot lights, terminal blocks, wire markers, switching relays, transformers, switches, DIN Rail, receptacles, surge protectors, wire ties (zip ties), wire ducts, relay panels, starters, and hard start capacitors

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