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    Building automation refers to the integration and control of various systems within a building to enhance operational efficiency, occupant comfort, and energy management. It involves the use of advanced technologies, sensors, and intelligent controls to automate and optimize functions such as lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), security, access control, and more. Building automation systems monitor and adjust settings based on factors like occupancy, time schedules, and environmental conditions, ensuring optimal performance and energy conservation. These systems enable centralized management and real-time monitoring, allowing facility managers to remotely control and monitor building systems for proactive maintenance and problem identification. By streamlining operations, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing occupant comfort, building automation plays a crucial role in modern sustainable buildings, creating intelligent and responsive environments. 


    Building Automation is one of the fastest growing segments in the HVAC/R industry and Controls Central is at the forefront stocking all the latest technology. We have the largest variety of room controllers, VAV controllers, and Variable Frequency Drives in stock ready to ship the same business day. Maybe it’s not a Direct Digital Controller you are looking for and just a peripheral device to complement your controller then we have all your major brands of sensors, current sensors, current relays, transducers, transmitters, relays, and power supplies. We don’t just limit our offering to room controllers and peripherals, so we have a wide variety of stand-alone and configurable gas detection modules and sensors to cover every application large and small. Since partnering with Automation Components Inc (ACI), Schneider Electric, Siemens, Functional Devices, Building Automation Product Inc (BAPI), and Siral you can be sure we are priced competitively, and we can support all the products purchased from Controls Central.  

Danfoss 065F897001 2"SWT BALANCING VALVE

Brand: Danfoss
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065F897001 2"SWT BALANCING VALVE Danfoss $417.13 0    Add To Cart

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