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    Building automation valves are essential components used to control the flow of fluids, gases, or air within a building automation system. These valves regulate the supply and distribution of water, steam, or other fluids to achieve precise control over heating, cooling, and other building processes. Building automation valves come in various types, including ball valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, and zone valves, offering different levels of control and functionality. They are utilized in HVAC systems, plumbing systems, and other building automation applications to ensure efficient and reliable operation, energy savings, and occupant comfort.

    Honeywell, Robertshaw, TASCO, and Sporlan are reputable brands known for manufacturing high-quality building automation valves. Honeywell offers a wide range of valves designed for building automation systems, including ball valves, zone valves, and control valves, ensuring precise control and compatibility with their control solutions. Robertshaw specializes in innovative valve solutions for HVAC systems, providing reliable and efficient control over fluid flow. TASCO provides a comprehensive lineup of valves, including ball valves, globe valves, and zone valves, known for their quality and performance. Sporlan offers a variety of valve products, such as solenoid valves and expansion valves, renowned for their durability and functionality., a trusted supplier of HVAC components, stocks a variety of building automation valves from these reputable brands, ensuring easy access to high-quality products for HVAC professionals and system installers.

Danfoss 065F897001 2"SWT BALANCING VALVE

Brand: Danfoss
SKU: 065F897001
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065F897001 2"SWT BALANCING VALVE Danfoss $417.13 0    Add To Cart

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