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    Air conditioning UV treatment refers to the use of ultraviolet (UV) light technology to improve indoor air quality and disinfect air conditioning systems. UV treatment systems are installed within HVAC units to target and eliminate microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. These systems utilize UV lamps that emit UV-C light, which has germicidal properties, to break down the DNA of microorganisms, rendering them inactive and preventing their growth and spread. Air conditioning UV treatment helps reduce allergens, odors, and the risk of airborne infections, contributing to a healthier and cleaner indoor environment. UV treatment is commonly applied in residential, commercial, and healthcare settings, where maintaining air quality and preventing the spread of contaminants is crucial.

    Leading brands such as Honeywell, Kunkl, UV Air, and White-Rodgers are recognized for their expertise in manufacturing air conditioning UV treatment systems. These brands offer a range of UV products designed to enhance air quality and improve the performance of HVAC systems. With their focus on technological innovation and quality, Honeywell, Kunkl, UV Air, and White-Rodgers provide reliable and effective UV treatment solutions. ControlsCentral.com, a trusted supplier of HVAC components, stocks a variety of air conditioning UV treatment products from these reputable brands, ensuring that HVAC professionals and system installers have convenient access to high-quality UV treatment systems.

Kunkle Valve 0001C01KC0120 1/2"AirRelf 120# 163scfm VIII

Brand: Kunkle Valve
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1/2"AirRelf 120# 163scfm VIII

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