Fan Blades

    Air conditioning fan blades are crucial components of HVAC systems that facilitate the movement of air within the system. These blades are typically made of durable materials like aluminum or composite, designed to withstand the rigors of air circulation. Fan blades are mounted on the fan motor shaft and rotate at high speeds, creating the necessary airflow for effective cooling or ventilation. They play a vital role in enhancing the system's efficiency by ensuring proper air circulation, heat dissipation, and optimal performance. Air conditioning fan blades are commonly used in various applications, including air conditioning units, heat pumps, refrigeration systems, and ventilation systems, to provide effective air movement and maintain comfortable indoor environments.

    Reputable brands like Functional Devices, Honeywell, and LAU Industries specialize in manufacturing high-quality air conditioning fan blades. These brands offer a range of fan blade options, including different sizes and blade configurations, to suit various HVAC system requirements. Functional Devices, Honeywell, and LAU Industries prioritize performance, durability, and noise reduction in their fan blade designs, ensuring efficient and quiet operation. For customers in need of air conditioning fan blades, is a trusted supplier that stocks a comprehensive selection of products, including fan blades from renowned brands.

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LAU Industries/Conaire

3 blade, 10" dia., CW hubless type

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LAU Industries/Conaire

3 blade, 8 3/4" dia., CW hubless type

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Monti & Associates, Inc. Div. of MA-Line

Fan Blade Pitch Gauge


Honeywell, Inc.

Pressure Control, On-Off Control Plus Modulate, 0 to 150 PSI

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