Actuators are motor devices that play a crucial role in controlling the movement or operation of various mechanical systems. These compact and efficient devices convert electrical energy into mechanical motion, allowing them to open, close, or adjust different components such as valves, dampers, or doors. Actuators can be found in a wide range of applications, including HVAC systems, industrial machinery, robotics, and automotive systems. By receiving signals from control systems or sensors, actuators act as the driving force behind precise and controlled movements, enabling automation and improved functionality. With their ability to provide accurate positioning and smooth operation, actuators are essential in achieving optimal performance and enhancing overall system efficiency. 


    Controls Central is your primary source for top quality brands such as Siemens, Johnson Controls, Honeywell and Schneider Electric. We can help you find the correct replacement for Belimo Actuators. Controls Central carries every type and size to fill your needs including hard to find pneumatic actuators and valve actuators. When it comes to controlling dampers, we have the largest stock of direct coupled actuators to fill your needs such as non-spring return, spring return, modulating and fire smoke damper actuators. Whether it’s by brand, stroke, torque, or application finding the perfect solution for your actuator needs has never been easier.

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Schneider Electric (Barber Colman)

Forta 337lbf Actuator



Schneider Electric (Barber Colman)

Forta 337lbf Actuator w/ Aux Sw



Schneider Electric (Barber Colman)

Forta 90lbf Actuator



Schneider Electric (Barber Colman)

Forta Nsr Globe Valve Actuator



Schneider Electric (Barber Colman)

Forta 180lbf Actuator w/ Aux Sw