Ball Valves

    Ball valves are pivotal components in the realm of Refrigeration, serving as essential devices designed to control the flow of refrigerants within various cooling systems. These valves feature a spherical disc with a hole in the middle, which can be rotated to allow or block the flow of refrigerant. Ball valves offer precise and quick control over refrigerant flow, making them suitable for applications where on-off control is required, such as in air conditioning, refrigeration units, and industrial cooling systems. Their ability to provide tight shut-off and reliable operation under high pressures and temperatures contributes to their popularity in refrigeration systems.

    Renowned brands like Sherwood Valve, Sporlan Valve, and Virginia KMP have solidified their reputation in producing high-quality ball valves that cater to diverse refrigeration needs. These manufacturers have leveraged their expertise to create ball valves that ensure efficient refrigerant flow control and optimal system performance., a trusted platform, offers a variety of ball valves from esteemed brands like Sherwood Valve, Sporlan Valve, and Virginia KMP, providing industrial experts with access to precision-engineered products that contribute to effective refrigeration systems.

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Sporlan Valve Company

3/8 OD Ref. Ball Valve 502054



Sporlan Valve Company

1/2 OD Ref Ball Valve 502055

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Sporlan Valve Company

3/4 OD Ref Ball Valve 502057



Sporlan Valve Company

7/8 OD Ref Ball Valve 502058



Sporlan Valve Company

11/8 OD Ref Ball Valve 502059