Thermostats stand as essential components within the domain of Pneumatic Controls, serving as devices designed to monitor and regulate temperature in various environments and systems. These devices are equipped with sensors that detect temperature changes and initiate actions to adjust heating, cooling, or ventilation systems accordingly. Thermostats find applications in diverse industries, including residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, where maintaining optimal temperature levels is crucial for comfort, energy efficiency, and process control. Schneider, a prominent brand in the field, has established itself as a leader in producing high-quality thermostats that cater to a wide range of industrial needs, ensuring accurate temperature management and reliable control in various systems.

    For professionals seeking reliable thermostat solutions, emerges as a trusted platform that stocks a variety of products from esteemed brands like Schneider. These industry-leading manufacturers consistently uphold high standards of quality and innovation, providing industrial experts with access to a comprehensive range of thermostats that contribute to seamless temperature control and automation.'s offerings ensure easy access to top-notch thermostat products, allowing businesses to benefit from the expertise and reliability demonstrated by Schneider, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and performance of pneumatic control systems.

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Schneider Electric (Barber Colman)

Invensys DA pneumatic stat 2-pipe



Schneider Electric (Barber Colman)

Invensys RA pneumatic stat 2-pipe



Schneider Electric (Barber Colman)

Invensys RA pneumatic stat kit 2-pipe Uni-kit

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Schneider Electric (Barber Colman)

Invensys DA pneumatic stat kit 2-pipe, white

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Schneider Electric (Barber Colman)

Invensys day-night stat kit DA/DA pneumatic



Schneider Electric (Barber Colman)

Invensys DA day-night stat with over ride (local & remote)



Schneider Electric (Barber Colman)

Invensys summer-winter stat pneumatic