Zone Valves

    Zone valves are essential components in the hydronics category of products, serving as devices that control the flow of hot or chilled water in heating and cooling systems to individual zones or areas. These valves are typically installed in the supply lines of each zone and actuated by zone valve actuators to open or close, depending on the heating or cooling demand in that specific area. Zone valves enable individual temperature control and zoning, allowing for energy-efficient heating and cooling in different parts of a building. They find wide-ranging applications in HVAC systems, radiant heating systems, underfloor heating, and other hydronic systems, providing precise and responsive control over temperature distribution.

    Honeywell and Siral are renowned brands known for their expertise in manufacturing high-quality zone valves. These brands offer a variety of zone valves designed to meet the diverse needs of hydronics professionals. With their precision engineering and commitment to quality, Honeywell and Siral's zone valves are trusted for their reliability and performance. For those seeking reliable zone valves for their projects, is a reliable supplier that stocks a comprehensive selection from these reputable brands, providing a convenient and trusted platform to access the necessary components for efficient zone control in hydronic systems.

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