Gate Valves

    Gate valves are essential components within the hydronics category of products, serving as versatile and reliable devices for controlling the flow of fluids in a piping system. These valves feature a flat or wedge-shaped gate that is raised or lowered to control the flow of liquids or gases passing through the valve body. With their simple yet effective design, gate valves offer minimal resistance to fluid flow when fully open, making them ideal for applications requiring straight-through flow and low-pressure drop. Gate valves find widespread use in various industries, including water supply systems, oil and gas pipelines, wastewater treatment plants, and industrial processes, where they provide efficient and precise flow control for different media.

    Jomar International, Milwaukee Valve, Smith Valve, and Watts Regulator are among the leading manufacturers that specialize in producing high-quality gate valves. These reputable brands offer a diverse range of gate valves, catering to various industrial and commercial applications. Known for their engineering excellence and commitment to quality, these brands have earned the trust of hydronics professionals for their durable and reliable products. For those seeking top-notch gate valves for their projects, stocks an extensive selection from these reputable brands, providing a convenient and dependable platform for acquiring the right gate valves to meet specific application requirements.

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Smith Valve

1/2" 800# THD GATE VALVE

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Jomar International Ltd.

T-302 1/2" Comp. Gate Valve



Milwaukee Valve Company

Gate Valve 1-1/2"

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Watts Regulator Co.


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