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    Control valves play a pivotal role in the hydronics category of products, acting as vital components in various fluid control systems. These valves are designed to regulate the flow rate, pressure, and temperature of fluids, ensuring precise control and optimization of hydronic processes. Control valves find widespread applications in HVAC systems, industrial processes, and water distribution systems, where they contribute to efficient energy management, temperature regulation, and fluid balancing. With their ability to modulate fluid flow according to changing conditions, control valves enhance system performance and offer significant advantages in terms of comfort, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

    Several reputable brands excel in manufacturing high-quality control valves to meet the diverse needs of hydronics professionals. DiversiTech, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, and KMC Controls are among the industry-leading manufacturers known for their expertise in engineering reliable control valves. These brands incorporate advanced technology and stringent quality standards into their products, ensuring robustness and accuracy in fluid control operations. For professionals seeking top-notch control valves for their hydronics projects, provides a reliable platform to access the offerings from these reputable brands, making it a convenient and trusted source for acquiring control valves and related components.

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RA2000 3/4" Double Solder Union Str




RA to RA2000 Adapter




RAV to RA2000 Adapter



Honeywell, Inc.

Replacement Coil Assembly for V4046B, 120 Vac

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White-Rodgers / Emerson

3-Wire Hydronic Zone Control, 3/4" ID



White-Rodgers / Emerson

3-Wire Hydronic Zone Control, 1" ID



White-Rodgers / Emerson

3-Wire Hydronic Zone Control, 1-1/4" ID

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