Air Gap

    An air gap is a critical component used in plumbing and fluid systems to prevent cross-contamination between potable water and potentially contaminated water sources. It creates a physical separation between the water supply and the plumbing fixture or equipment, ensuring that any backflow or siphoning of contaminated water does not contaminate the clean water supply. Air gaps are widely utilized in various applications, including commercial and residential plumbing systems, water treatment plants, and industrial processes. In commercial kitchens, for instance, air gaps are commonly installed between the sink faucet and drain to maintain the purity of the drinking water by preventing backflow of wastewater into the clean water supply.

    Watts Regulator is a reputable brand that specializes in providing high-quality air gap solutions. Their air gap products are engineered to meet industry standards and offer reliable protection against backflow and contamination risks. With Watts Regulator's air gaps, users can ensure compliance with plumbing codes and regulations while safeguarding the purity and safety of the water supply. For customers seeking top-notch air gap solutions, offers a comprehensive range of Watts Regulator products. By stocking Watts Regulator's air gaps, provides customers with access to trusted and efficient solutions for their plumbing and fluid system needs.

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