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Enabling heating and cooling with a single-coil while reducing wiring and simplifying control with a single actuator.



Enabling heating and cooling with a single-coil while reducing wiring and simplifying control with a single actuator.

Fewer Components
The mod-6 solution replaces the need for a change over valve for a single coil in a 4 pipe system.

Reduced Installation Cost and Time
With the mod-6 a single coil can be used for heating and cooling. Also only one actuator is needed for both sequences. This reduces piping, wiring and material costs.


Heating and Cooling Control with One Valve

The Siral modular 6-way valve is a solution with two equal percentage characterized flow sequences (heating and cooling) with different Cv values that enable modulating control of each sequence individually with a single valve.



  • 2 sequences with different Cv values for heating and cooling
  • Bubble tight zero leakage
  • Equal percentage




Media Temp. Range: 0°F to 212°F
(-18°C to 100°C)
Close off: 200 psi
Body Pressure: 600 psi
Media Temp. Range: 0°F to 212°F
(-18°C to 100°C)
Close off: 200 psi
Body Pressure: 600 psi
Media Temp. Range: 0°F to 212°F
(-18°C to 100°C)
Close off: 200 psi
Body Pressure: 600 psi



Change over and modulating control for a single coil in a 4-pipe system with a single Modular 6-way Valve.
More Cv options than any other 6-way Valve.

Only 6-way valve with equal percentage characteristic flow option.


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