Refrigeration is a technology and process that involves the removal of heat from a space or substance to lower its temperature, thereby creating a cold environment. It is widely used in various industries and applications, including food storage, preservation, and transportation, as well as in air conditioning systems. Refrigeration systems typically utilize a refrigerant, which undergoes a cycle of compression, condensation, expansion, and evaporation to absorb heat from the desired area or substance. The refrigerant extracts heat energy, converting it into a gaseous state and then releasing it outside the cooling area. This process allows for the preservation of perishable goods, maintenance of optimal storage conditions, and the creation of comfortable indoor environments. Refrigeration technology plays a crucial role in maintaining food safety, extending shelf life, and providing comfort and convenience in modern living and commercial spaces. 


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Sporlan Valve Company 04077201 HCAE-5ZX200 3/8"x5/8" R410 TXV

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HCAE-5ZX200 3/8"x5/8" R410 TXV

PRODUCT OVERVIEW040772-01 THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVES is designed specifically for air conditioning and heat pumps used in both air and water source systems. It offers features such as bleed ports and a variety of connection styles for the inlet, outlet, and external equalizer. The Parker HC series adds a built in 5 ton check valve for R-22, R-407C, and R410 heat pump APPLICATIONS with either factory set or field adjustable superheat.
MARKETS• Residential Air Conditioning • Light Commercial Air Conditioning

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