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    Fan & Limit Controls are essential components used in heating systems to regulate the operation of fans and maintain optimal temperatures. These controls are often found in furnaces and other heating equipment, where they play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and safe operation. The fan control part of the device turns on the blower fan when the heating system reaches a certain temperature, ensuring that heated air is distributed throughout the space. On the other hand, the limit control part monitors the temperature of the heating element and shuts off the system if it becomes too hot, preventing overheating and potential damage. Fan & Limit Controls are designed to provide precise temperature control, energy efficiency, and safety in heating applications, making them indispensable in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

    Henry Technologies, Honeywell, MARS, and Modine are well-known brands that specialize in manufacturing high-quality Fan & Limit Controls. These brands are trusted for their reliability, performance, and adherence to industry standards. Whether it's for residential furnaces or large-scale heating systems in commercial and industrial facilities, these manufacturers offer a range of Fan & Limit Controls to suit various applications. is a reputable supplier that stocks Fan & Limit Controls from Henry Technologies, Honeywell, MARS, and Modine, providing customers with access to top-notch heating components. By offering products from these renowned brands, ensures that customers can find the right controls to optimize the performance and safety of their heating systems.

White-Rodgers / Emerson 3F051 Adjustable Snap Disc Control, 90F to 130F

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Adjustable Snap Disc Control, 90F to 130F

Product Family

Model NumberDecriptionManufacturerPriceAvail. Qty 
3F051 Adjustable Snap Disc Control, 90F to 130F White-Rodgers / Emerson $14.94 3    Add To Cart
3F052 Adjustable Snap Disc Control, 140F to 180F White-Rodgers / Emerson $18.00 5    Add To Cart
3L051 Adjustable Snap Disc Control, 135F to 175F White-Rodgers / Emerson $17.89 10    Add To Cart
3L0510 Adjustable Snap Disc Fan & Limit Controls White-Rodgers / Emerson $21.11 1    Add To Cart
3L0513 Adjustable Snap Disc Control, 250F to 290F White-Rodgers / Emerson $15.68 5    Add To Cart
3L052 Adjustable Snap Disc Control, 175F to 215F White-Rodgers / Emerson $16.10 5    Add To Cart
3L053 Adjustable Snap Disc Control, 210F to 250F White-Rodgers / Emerson $17.87 5    Add To Cart
F61798 Adapter Plates (1 per pack) White-Rodgers / Emerson Call for Pricing 0    View More Info

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White-Rodgers / Emerson3F05-1
MARS - Motors & Armatures, Inc.39205
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