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    Building automation thermostats are essential devices used to regulate and control the temperature within a building automation system. These thermostats provide precise control over HVAC systems, allowing users to set desired temperature setpoints and enable automated heating or cooling operations. Building automation thermostats come in various types, including programmable thermostats, wireless thermostats, and smart thermostats. They utilize sensors to detect ambient temperature and adjust HVAC settings accordingly, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Building automation thermostats find applications in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, providing control and monitoring capabilities for HVAC systems, improving occupant comfort, and reducing energy consumption.

    Honeywell, Schneider, Siemens, and Johnson Controls are reputable brands known for manufacturing high-quality building automation thermostats. Honeywell offers a wide range of thermostats with advanced features such as programmability, Wi-Fi connectivity, and compatibility with smart home systems. Schneider provides innovative thermostats that integrate seamlessly with building automation platforms, offering precise control and energy management capabilities. Siemens specializes in sophisticated thermostats designed for commercial and industrial applications, offering advanced programming options and seamless integration with building automation systems. Johnson Controls offers a comprehensive lineup of thermostats, including smart thermostats that provide remote access and energy-saving features. ControlsCentral.com, a trusted supplier of HVAC components, stocks a variety of building automation thermostats from these reputable brands, ensuring convenient access to high-quality products for HVAC professionals and system installers.

Honeywell, Inc. Q7002B1009 Interface Module, NEMA1 Enclosure with Mounting Tabs

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• 24 Vac or 24 Vdc power.
• Available for input signals: dc voltage, current, or resistive; and pulse-width modulation (PWM).
• Available to provide output: analog voltage or current for an actuator.
• Inputs and outputs are jumper-selectable and include adjustable zero and span.
• Output is jumper-selectable direct or reverse acting.
• Includes reference voltage and current to power an input device or sensor.
• PWM time base is user-selectable with positive or negative input reference; all ranges have 255-step resolution.
• Multiplex mode enables one PWM signal from a Building Automation System (BAS) controller to address and control up to eight interface modules.Interface Module, NEMA1 Enclosure with Mounting Tabs

Output Burden0 to 20 mA < 500 ohm
OverviewThe Q7002 Interface Modules allow controllers with an otherwise incompatible signal to control an Economizer Logic Module or Direct Coupled Actuator.
Supply Voltage24 Vac ±20%, 24 Vdc
List Price409.67
Used WithDirect-Coupled Proportional Actuators and Modutrol Motors
Frequency60 Hz
MountingEnclosure (NEMA 1) with mounting tabs
CommentsInput:dc voltage, current, or resistive, Output: voltage or current output

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Q7002A1001 Interface Module, NEMA1 Enclosure with Mounting Tabs Honeywell, Inc. $77.21 2    Add To Cart
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Q7002B1009 Interface Module, NEMA1 Enclosure with Mounting Tabs Honeywell, Inc. $377.42 1    Add To Cart
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Q7002C1007 Q7002 Interface Modules Honeywell, Inc. $351.25 4    Add To Cart
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