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EPA Announces New Energy Star Requirements for Furnaces
The new Energy Star requirements are appropriate to specific climate zones, are up to 5 percent more efficient than with previous requirements, and propose that consumer energy bill savings would grow to more than $170 million per year while reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions. Distributors, contractors and consumers can purchase Energy Star qualified furnaces beginning February 1, 2012.
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It’s National Fire Safety Month!  
Protect your home and families with life-saving technologies from Kidde! As the world's largest manufacturer of fire safety products for more than 90 years, Kidde provides solutions that protect people and property from the effects of fire and its related hazards. Kidde offers residential and commercial smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers and other life safety products.
Fast Fire Facts
  • One home structure fire was reported every 87 seconds in 2009.
  • Roughly two-thirds of home fire deaths happen in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.
  • Cooking equipment is the leading cause of home structure fires and associated injuries.
For additional information about National Fire Safety Month visit,

Click here to view Fire Safety Laws and Regulations in your area.




Genesis Cable

Mini Split – Coming Soon to Controls Central!
Honeywell’s mini split cables are designed specifically for mini splits and work with all the major brands so you don’t have to jeopardize your business and reputation by cutting corners and using flexible cords.

The 14/4 600V THHN mini split cable (PN: 1070) is UL 1277 listed and fully compliant with NEC Article 336 for use with power and control circuits. Additionally, the 1070 is sunlight resistant and direct burial rated, making it a very versatile cable that can be installed in a variety of environments.
More information about Mini Split Cable
Honeywell Genesis Cable - Mini Split Cable


ICM Controls

ICM282 – Furnace Control Board
The Universal replacement furnace control board is designed
for 100 percent gas shutoff in case of ignition failure,
provides diagnostic LED’s to aid in troubleshooting, is microprocessor-based and offers reverse polarity and
secondary brownout voltage protection.



McdonnelMillerLogo 2

150S Series Combination Low Water Cut-Off Boiler Control / Pump Controller
The combination low water cut-off boiler control is compatible with commercial and industrial low or high pressure boiler applications and is used with boilers of any steaming capacity. The controller is corrosion resistant and incorporates snap action switches for high temperature service.




Making the Service Technician's Job a Whole Lot Easier!

As a manufacturer of precision electronic Test and Service Instruments along with Refrigeration & Air Conditioning components since 1945, Supco’s USA based in-house engineering and production addresses the needs of various Original Equipment Manufacturers.  Equipped with the latest Surface Mount Equipment, they are able to produce small and large quantities of products at competitive prices.


Crown Engineering

Serving the Industry for over 60 years! Family owned and operated.

Crown Engineering Corporation was founded in 1950 by Bob Bernard and is one of the leading manufacturers of electrodes, flame rods, probes and terminal connectors for ignition related heating applications regarding oil and gas fired equipment. The ignition electrodes can be found in a wide variety of equipment and a diverse list of prestigious manufacturers. 


Test Your Furnace


Here comes the snow, ice, and bitter cold nights. Is your furnace ready? There is still time to get your unit in shape.  

There are several checks you can recommend to educate
the homeowner.
  • Confirm furnace switch is in the “on” position
  • Check fuses or breaker
  • Set thermostat to “heat” and fan setting
    to “auto”
  • Increase temperature a few degrees and allow unit
    to run for a few hours
  • Schedule yearly HVAC maintenance appointment
    before winter season



“I’m a commercial contractor and
I needed a hard to find switch for a
complicated HVAC system. I went to and found
what I was looking for right away
and placed an order!  However, after
placing the order I realized
I’d made a typo. I sent an e-mail
to the folks at Controls Central and
they caught my mistake and helped me
get what I wanted right away. 
They were awesome!”

- Ralph Blackington, Jr.

Halloween History Fun Facts

Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain (pronounced "sah-win"). The festival celebrated the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture and would involve bonfires, which were believed to attract insects and bats to the area.  

The earliest known reference to trick-or-treating in English speaking North America occurred in 1911, where children visited shops and neighbors between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. and were rewarded with candies for their rhymes and songs.
Happy Halloween

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