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Controls Central

As the largest online HVAC/R controls store in the world, the website has more than 2.5 million parts in stock, and offers products from leading manufacturers including Honeywell, Siemens, Johnson Controls, Belimo and much more.  

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JADE Economizer by Honeywell The JADE economizer brings in outdoor air to lower a building’s interior temperature naturally. The LCD display screen delivers clear fault messages and key diagnostic information. It ensures that the current local and national ventilation codes are met and incorporates future recommended code change features to remain compliant. JADE is designed to work seamlessly with existing and future rooftop systems. When JADE senses that a space is not 100 percent occupied, it will reduce outdoor intake which in turn creates optimum comfort at maximum savings. The model also incorporates a simple checkout procedure for annual maintenance checks. For additional information, click here.


RedLINK by Honeywell RedLINK is the first wireless technology engineered specifically for HVAC applications. The technology eliminates the need to run wires in many applications and enables homeowners to have advanced comfort control anywhere in the home. The RedLINK signal has been proven to work through concrete, brick and other building materials in homes up to 6,500 square feet with multiple levels. The signal is secure and won’t affect or be effected by other wireless devices in the home or with neighboring systems. Internal safeguards continuously self-check the signal. For additional information, click here. 



ClearVue Pump by DiversiTech ClearVue features iQ Technology, which provides ClearVue the ability to “think” and adapt to changing conditions. It is equipped with the ability to change pump speed and lift based on condensate flow to keep tank clear and system running properly. The floatless sensor detects the condensed level without a float for reliable, accurate operation.  It is the world’s only self-cleaning condensate pump that will not only maintain itself and keep drain lines clean, but also can sense a blockage and self-clean to remove the blockage. It's clear tank allows the user to see what’s happening inside, which allows for faster and more accurate troubleshooting. For additional information, click here.



Repeal of 1099 Reporting Requirement Clears Congress
Congress has approved the repeal of a provision in the Affordable Care Act that would have required small businesses, including physicians, to file an IRS 1099 form for each vendor purchase of $600 or more.  Read more.



 In The News 

Controls Central recently received national press coverage in an article titled, “Trend to Buy Parts Online Grows.” The article was published on April 18, 2011 in The NEWS. The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration NEWS is the HVAC/R contractor’s weekly news magazine and is a well-utilized direct communications link to the industry buyer. The article highlights the ever-growing presence of online HVAC/R buying and acknowledges that an online presence will soon be an important component of any contractor’s business model. Read more.



As the Marketing & Communications Specialist, Nicole De Anda is the newest addition to the Controls Central team. She will work diligently to provide fresh and engaging content through our various social media sites, the Controls Central website, and email updates. 


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