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Happy Holidays
The Season's New Product Announcement
Bachrach NOX

Bacharach NOx

Bacharach is pleased to announce the addition of a new NOX measurement option in the menu of all PCA3 Portable Combustion Analyzers.

NOX is a measurement of the total oxides of nitrogen resulting from a combustion process. The largest contributors are nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), with the NOX reading being the sum of the concentrations of those two components. The PCA3 is now able to provide a NOX reading that is calculated from a time-proven formula utilizing only the NO reading, without requiring the NO2 measurement.

The calculated NOX value can be read on the display in real time, stored in memory for download later or printed to the IrDA Printer along with other relevant test values and parameters.

For more information - Click Here

3 Easy Tips to Get Your
HVAC Business Growing in 2013

Tip 1 Convert Your Website Visitors to Customers.
Step into the future. Mobile will account for a greater percentage of Internet users than computers! Your site must be ready to be viewed on any device including high resolution (Apple Retina) displays. As your customers are on the go, you need to ensure that your website can go with them.
Tip 2 Focus on More Training and Save Money
Train your staff well, often, and consistently to reap the benefits creating more time on growing your business.  A well-trained staff will save you money with less employee turnovers and client troubleshooting time spent. 
Tip 3 Increase your HVAC Purchasing Power
Assess customer support. Customer service is just as important as the equipment you purchase. Do not underestimate the power of a toll-free number! You can call for help on service issues, delivery confirmation, and other concerns that will save you time and money.
Also, look at long-term lifecycle cost when choosing the proper HVAC system.  Remember to ask your Controls Central representative - Call 1-877-482-2236.

Market Your Business Lately?

Here are 4 easy ways to promote your HVAC business, strategically. Get smart about the way you increase your HVAC Business Revenue.

Consider Starting Your Own Blog. Begin posting useful content with tips, information, and other helpful ideas for your customers who need assistance with their heating and air conditioning inside their home or office. Post blog articles about HVAC with useful information, at least once a week.

Use Keywords (terms that people are typing into Google or other search engines to find your services). The key words should be used within your blog articles and online advertisements for search engines to recognize and list your website for potential customers to find it.

Build Backlinks. Search engines want to see if other websites have links pointing to your site. Google sees them as ‘votes’. If there are many other websites that are pointing to your site, your search engine ranking goes up.

Make Sure Your Website Has a Clear ‘Call to Action’. Your contact number and address should be clearly visible when people visit your site. You will be surprised to find that contact information is often missing on a website.

Tell your customers to CONTACT YOUR BUSINESS!

Don't Be Fooled...

By now, you and your employees are probably filling yourselves with yummy holiday treats such as cookies, candy, and cakes (A.K.A. The 3 Cs). You are all feeling like a high school student who is getting ready to graduate and can’t wait to leave for the long break from school. Productivity is down and the feeling of “that can wait until I get back from vacation” is starting to take full effect.

There’s good news! Controls Central has come to your rescue and will get you and your employees back on track!

Start a Holiday Incentive Contest
The employee with the most projects completed in the month of December, received a gift their department.

Create Days of Christmas Checklist for Your Employees
Each day of the week, create a task for each of your staff members to complete. On the last day, throw a party or something fun for everyone to look forward to.

Have a White-Elephant Project Gift Exchange
Ask your employees to swap tasks with each other to help off-load projects they do not want to do, but their co-workers can. The gift of avoiding tasks!

Also, remember to have fun during the holidays.
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