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Dealer Design Award Winners Announced 
The Dealer Design Awards program is a contest where only contractors make the decision about the award winners. The program emphasizes the features designed to ease contractors’ daily workload. The judges evaluate installation, service, and maintenance features. Approximately 30 contractor judges examined the 127 product entries and the 39 gold, silver, and bronze winners have been added to the pantheon of Dealer Design champions. achrnews


HVAC Seeks Regulation Relief
There have long been cries from the business community that excessive federal regulation can strangle a company’s ability to compete and thrive in the market. But currently there seems to be a shift in Washington, D.C., as lawmakers actually pay attention to these concerns. From supporting anti-regulatory legislation to negotiating with federal agencies, many in the HVAC industry are seeking relief from excessive federal regulation.




FieldPiece Analyzers
The HVAC Guide™ Probe Tester from Fieldpiece leads technicians step-by-step through critical HVAC system tests including Target Evaporator Exit Temperature, Superheat, Subcooling and Combustion Analysis. Like all Fieldpiece Instruments, the HVAC Guide™ Tester is designed to make the HVACR field technician's job easier, faster, safer and more effective.
Fieldpiece - HG1 Analyer



TrueEASE Humidification Systems
Honeywell introduced TrueEASE, a complete family of evaporative humidifiers that reduce contractor installation time and help improve the profitability of a contractor’s business. The interchangeable bypass eliminates the need to disassemble and rebuild the humidifier if the bypass direction needs to be changed. TrueEASE uses 50% less water and helps save energy!

Honeywell TrueEASE Humidification

Ritchie Engineering - Yellow Jacket

AccuProbe Leak Detector with Heat Sensor Tip
The Yellow Jacket AccuProbe UV uses heated sensors or UV technology (or both at the same time) to detect HFC, HCFC, and CFC refrigerants, including SNAP approved hydrocarbon blends. The AccuProbe UV features low, normal and high sensitivity levels with visual and audible signals, and a UV light at the tip, which allows technicians to see dye in a system. It also features a SmartAlarm LED which quickly shows how big or small the lead on a scale of one to nine.

Ritchie Engineering - Yellow Jacket - AccuProbe



ICM Controls

ICM Controls leads the HVACR industry in the manufacture
of electronic controls.


Located in Syracuse, New York, ICM has lead the HVACR industry in the manufacture of electronic controls for over 25 years. Serving both the OEM and the Aftermarket, ICM Controls offers better command of the supply chain through true vertical integration.


Monti and Associates

Family-owned and operated since 1965, Monti & Associates prides itself on maintaining the highest level of customer service.

Based in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Monti & Associates represents product lines from a full range of manufacturers and serves a fourteen state area. Shortly after founding the company, Monti & Associates began developing its own line of specialized parts for the HVAC, refrigeration and plumbing industries, called the MA-Line and now carries over 9,000 products.



For workers in many industries, the hot summer months pose a real danger. According to OSHA, more than 30 employees died last year because of heat stroke; thousands more workers suffered from heat-related illnesses and heat exhaustion.

There are three easy ways to keep workers safe in the heat.

Employers should ensure that workers:

• Drink Plenty of Water
• Rest Often
• Limit time spent in the heat when possible

OSHA Educational Resources


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