Room Thermostat, Professional Thermostat, Ventilation Systems, Commercial HVAC, Humidity Control

The new RDY2000 Commercial Room Thermostat. The RDY2000 is designed for North American Commercial HVAC systems that utilize 24V control circuits. It provides the features and functionality expected of a thermostat plus the ability to interface with humidity control equipment, ventilation systems, and even lighting/signage controls. The Siemens RDY2000 is the perfect thermostat for rooftop units and split systems found in strip malls and other small retail/office facilities. The RDY2000 is the professional thermostat for HVAC professionals.

It is compatible with forced air, hydronic, or steam systems fired by gas, oil or electricity. The thermostat can control up to 3 stages of heating and 3 stages of cooling in a conventional system and heat pumps systems with up to 2 compressors and 2 stages of auxiliary/emergency heat. The RDY2000 is capable of interfacing with remote sensors and devices to completely manage all aspects of room comfort, including temperature, humidity, and air quality.
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