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The Honeywell Lyric thermostat (TH8732WF5018) installs right where a conventional thermostat does, with no additional wiring required. The most innovative feature of the Lyric thermostat is it’s use of geofencing to tell if you’re out of the house or coming back.

When you’re home, the Honeywell Lyric thermostat will adjust your houses climate based on the temperature you’ve manually set it for, or programmed as part of its daily or weekly schedule. When you leave, it goes into a “nobody home” setting, The system automatically adjusts to a more comfortable temperature as you return home. There are two geofence settings  – there is a 500 feet for city dwellers or a 7 mile setting for suburban settings, two distances that Honeywell considered to be the optimal choices.

In addition to the geofence, the Lyric also uses something Honeywell is calling a “Fine Tune” feature that keeps you comfortable by considering the indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature. It tweaks the temperature settings to account for exterior conditions.

You can create shortcuts for your predictable life events. For instance, you can adjust the air if you have a large number of guests in the house or bump up the heat if it is a cold night. You can create a setting for working out if you like the temperature a few degrees cooler.

There are three touch-sensitive buttons on the front of the Lyric thermostat, and one of them lets you tap into that weather data, too. A touch brings up a weather report, in case you are too busy to pull out your phone and look it up on an app.

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