Honeywell, Zelix, Direct Actuator, Honeywell Zelix Spring

Honeywell Zelix Spring Return Low-Torque Direct-Coupled Actuator (DCA) delivers a torque at 27 or 44 lb-in – 25 % more than competitive models. The Zelix is a small and compact unit weighing less and is easier to install than the larger models you would need to purchase with the required torque.


The self-centering shaft adapter grabs the shaft with a single screw turn, no wasted time with U-bolts again. The wiring access cover eliminates the need to use a junction box to save wiring material and installation time. Because all Honeywell actuators wire exactly the same, you’ll save time — once you can wire one, you can wire them all.


Unlike competitive models that require separate models for every control signal, Honeywell Zelix actuators can handle a variety of applications with just 14 OS models. You’ll reduce inventory and find selection of the right model easier than ever.


Honeywell’s mode selector allows one model to operate in different control modes with a turn of a dial; there’s no complex programming or anything more than a screwdriver needed.


Selecting the right model is easier with just 7 models per torque level.

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