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Selling a Better Indoor Air Quality Experience

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Controls Central – Selling a Better Indoor Air Quality Experience

Selling a Better
Indoor Air Quality Experience

Article by: Alexandra Diaz , Controls Central, director of marketing
As an HVAC technician, it’s a given that you will spend a great deal of time troubleshooting, servicing and maintaining residential and commercial HVAC systems. As this summer season gets going and the demand for excellent service from your customer increases, we have prepared for you a short "benefits" selling tips guide on how to provide a compelling selling message that your customers will relate with, especially as maintenance for "back-to-school" starts.

Maybe recently you find yourself working more on air conditioning maintenance, because not only is the season ramping up, but it seems like now more than ever there is more attention on indoor air quality. 
This year has come with many challenges, and yet people seem to find opportunities to rise. Have you thought that even with the recent changes in our personal and professional lives, there has never been a better opportunity to offer value to both installers and end-users in indoor air quality and healthy indoor spaces. 
As individuals in the HVAC industry, we have all heard stories of how this great product and system was not installed based on building owner pushback.  

How is it that the importance and benefits of air quality still struggle to get through to builders? How is that even when studies of the benefits of indoor air quality first presented in the1970's, and yet the message still struggles to get across?  

Selling Benefits that Trigger Emotion

If you are in sales, you've probably already realized that you are most successful at selling when you manage to sell your customer an "experience," a "feeling."

And no one can understand that feeling better than you in your area, region, or territory. Because of the industry's "fragmented" model, each distributor and installer is very familiar with their neighborhood. So how can that experience messaging be applied now?

It is finding those solutions that are relevant to your customers that will be key to leveraging opportunities.

Put yourself in their mindset.
Here are a few thought starters to help get you thinking of YOUR customer's personal experience, try to understand their mindset. 

As simple as that sounds, understanding your customer and what your customer is seeing and being exposed to will help you understand their world better and thus give you insight on how to serve them better by relating to them on a more personal level. 
One place that you can start to help you get into your customer's mindset can be as simple as asking yourself a few questions. For instance, What do you think is going through their mind? What are they seeing on community blogs and local social media? 

    What tools can that superintendent use to ensure that his "stretched thin staff" is keeping tabs on every building's needs?  

    How can a remote monitoring system help a school a library, an office building?  

    What can I offer my community as far as reassurance that I am taking care of their concerns?

    The other aspect is that many of your customers will have a financial motivation, so being able to lay out a long-term revenue model is something you may want to spend time on. 
    Right now, that experience could be the feeling of safety - when employees return to work; or keep your school staff safe.  

    For instance, you or your customers could be working with your local school district superintendent to identify what needs to happen to our buildings to make the school safe for the teachers? 

    Do you know what areas are more relevant to them? 
    In a nutshell, here are the key take-aways: 

    1. You, as an HVAC & R and BAS professional, are in a position to serve your community better than others outside your region. Make it your mission to learn more about your customer and how to offer solutions that hit home. You know how that Johnson Controls or Loytec controller work, but can you explain the benefits to the site manager? 
    2. Be creative in how you "learn" more about your customer and your community, and pair it with your offer. 
    3. Pay attention to how your community is "opening back up." Be aware and considerate of local community needs. 
    4. Timing. Timing is everything, and with ever-changing coronavirus times, you need to stay on top of your message and now more than ever tweak and test your message. 
    5. And, a good reminder on messaging, and craft your message and your story around the customer benefits, not your offer or features.

      ""Good selection of parts on your site and with a good price.""

      — Reseller Rating Verified Customer
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