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Being Proactive in the Non-Peak HVAC Season

Controls Central – Being Proactive in the Non-Peak HVAC Season

Being Proactive in the Non-Peak HVAC Season

While many HVAC service and installation companies may have less work during the spring, this time can still be valuable. By using this time to prepare for the busy summer months, you can get more clients, be more productive, and make your life easier. 
Here are several tips to make the most out of the spring
1. Ramp Up Your Outreach & Marketing 
Now is the time to get your marketing and outreach plans in place. Think about your advertising and outreach plans from last year. Did they get you the customers you wanted? What could be improved? What did you like?

If last year's plan worked great, then start getting it ready for this summer. If you need to make changes, now is the time to do it.  

Think about if you are going to try a different marketing method or if you want to increase the amount of marketing.  

If you are going to start a new marketing campaign, do your research and work on getting it ready early. 

The important thing is to think about this plan now. By getting your advertising and outreach planning done now, you can have it running exactly when you want it and avoid last-minute scrambling. 
2. Push Your Service & Maintenance Plans
Service and maintenance plans are essential for attracting and keeping customers. Start contacting existing customers about having annual maintenance done before summer. Not only does it bring in business during the spring, but it also reminds your customers to start thinking about their air conditioners and any maintenance or repairs that might need to be done. 

Also, start advertising any service plans you may have. These plans are another way to generate repeat business. By doing it now, you can get ahead of the competition and be the company a potential client will call.
3. Hone Your Sales Skills 
With less work during the spring, now is the time to improve your sales skills. Look into different types of advertising. Practice interacting with customers. Invest in the tools or courses that can help you become better at advertising and client relations. Most people don't have time to work on these skills during the summer, so develop them right now.  
4. Hire Seasonal Help for Summer
If you hire seasonal help this summer, now is the time to start that process. Instead of trying to find workers at the last minute, get them hired now. The extra time will make it less stressful and ensure you have all the help you need.  

You also will have time to train these workers the way you want. 
5. Organize Your Business
Now is the perfect time to get everything organized. When you start getting busy with jobs, you shouldn't have to worry about dealing with other non-essential projects. Instead, get those tasks out of the way now.  

Think about last summer and what you wish went better. Did you have trouble ordering parts? Was billing difficult? Were you stressed out because certain management tasks took up way too much time? 

Now is the time to fix all of those problems. By planning ahead, you will make your life much less stressful. You also will make your business run more efficiently, which lets you handle more calls. 

These steps include: 
  • Take inventory 
  • Order any heating and air conditioning parts you may need 
  • Make any upgrades to your billing or scheduling software 
  • Upgrade any office equipment 
  • Make sure your vehicles are in good working order 
By getting all of these tasks out of the way, you can focus on handling your busiest time of year. 
Want to make your summer go smoother?  
If you need to get ready for the summer, make sure to stock up on all the parts you need from Controls Central. With our low prices, fast shipping, and wide selection of parts, we can get the right part for any job at the right price. 
Don’t forget to apply for an Open Account with Controls Central.
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